Thursday, 3 July 2008


Yep, Nanny's best girl and her nanny are back from their travels and adventures! We had a lovely, lovely time together and we're both a bit sorry to be back, although one missed her mummy and the other was looking forwards to sharing her bed with only one other - as opposed to sharing it with nbg, who can snore for Scotland, and polo-bear as well as beany-bear, who all seemed to dig nanny in the back or the leg at least one time each throughout the night!

We took lots of piccies, including one of nbg's feet in the sand,

..... as well as the jelly fish she squealed at while keeping her feet away from them.
We ate fish & chips, cake and ice-cream each day, went to bed late and slept on in the morning; found a yarn shop (yay!) and toured the charity shops, where we bought Enid Blyton books, and nbg treated herself to a, lovely-to-her, pair of short grey boots that she simply fell in love with.

One of nbg's greatest talents is that she is brill at map-reading, especially wonderfully for me was how she steered us through the centre of Newcastle. If I went wrong anywhere she would say 'Dearie me!' And, when I needed to move over to the outside lane, but couldn't yet as there were other cars speeding down next to me, she told me 'Just put your tickers on nan, and move over!' This will now enter the annals of Tea and Cake's family sayings.

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