Sunday, 22 June 2008

A day in the life of...

Lovely but strange day today. Our spare room has the best views from the window, it's over the kitchen, and it has a nice 'feel' in there. We occasionally like to spend the night in there, but the spare bed does not suit us at all. Though all our guests assure us that the wonderful king-sized bed, with its wool mattress atop a sprung slatted, leather-top and toe base, as well as the White Co. bedding is just sweet and comfy, we wake up with a back-ache; but maybe we're just used to our tempur foam mattress. We have considered making this our room, but cannot move into there as the room is just too small for full-time living. Ah, well.

I spent most of the morning putting pictures and movies of dolly-lolly pop's first birthday onto discs for her mummy, before collecting nanny's best girl for her riding lesson. NBG had a brill lesson as the new teacher is really creative for the girls and there were only four of them on horseback today. I also got vid of NBG so we could show her step-dad and mummy. Step-dad is wanting to come to the lesson as he's a keen rider, but has been just too busy lately, and mummy is banned, I'm afraid, as she is scared of horses and NBG can be put off by this!

I also put some piccies onto disc for a pal who had several things to celebrate this last week or so - her baby's first birthday, her own fortieth and, as if that were not enough, the opening of her holiday cottages. I took a few pictures at the party on Friday evening, where we had a fab time at the bar-b-q, in a marquee, with lots to eat and lots of people milling around.

Unfortunately, we had to leave early. My brother, who had given up the demon drink, has fallen off the wagon of late. Mr T and I have a signal we give to each other when it is time to vacate, which we did, thus saving face. He is off to holiday in Australia for a few weeks and has vowed to stop drinking for the duration. I do hope so, for his sake.

And, today, Mr T went on his own holiday! He and his motorcycle friends are meeting up somewhere in the Lake District - they from middle England and he from middle Scotland. They'll bike around for a couple of days together during the day, and catch up with each other over a beer in the evenings. Fingers crossed that the weather, ie the rain, holds off for them to have a good, jolly time.

Meanwhile, I have lit the log burner, cooked a lovely dinner, bought a magazine and some chocolate and aim to get an early night. In my own bed.
(Though, I do generally leave the landing light on all night when Mr T is away from home - just makes me feel better. And, my neighbour is very kind and rings me each day, to see that I'm okay.)


Dusty Spider said...

Hope you had a lovely evening with the magazine and chocs. Sounds like bliss to me. Flick x

tea and cake said...

It was, Flick! And, another evening of much the same today, good practice for later in the year. Thanks for stopping by, Karen xx