Tuesday, 24 June 2008

You know when ... ?

You know when you eat a whole quarter of toffee bonbons, your teeth feel squeaky and you wake up with a headache and feeling sick, just like a hangover? That was me this morning. Why don't I learn?

You know when you are spending time doing something you enjoy, like being at a local friend's business helping out with their accounts, which is usually peaceful and enjoyable, with lovely company? And, you know what somebody scratching their nails down a chalkboard sounds like? That was somebody who was there too, but has verbal diarrhoea, with a strident voice and just will not shut the fuck up? Well, that was the situation this morning. Best thing was, I did get all the work done that I wanted to do.

And, you know when you should've telephoned somebody, just to see how they are and how they're doing? But, you don't because life is busy and the days slip past, and you don't pick up that they are in fact seriously ill? Guilty, m'lud. My uncle John, Moreen's husband, is in the process of finding out he has cancer.

But, you know when a pal was in need and you responded and, though you may not have done much good, you were there? And, you know when they need you they can find you, because they know they are in your thoughts? Yes, thank goodness for something, eh?


Primrose Hill said...

toffees, greedy but good! Nails down the chalkboard, think I know who that was!!! Sorry about your uncle, and thank you for being there, you're a star.

Enjoy your break.

big hugs, L xx

tea and cake said...

Thanks, L, I will! Big Hugs to you, too. Karen xx

tea and cake said...
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Dusty Spider said...

Sorry to hear about uncle John. Bet you enjoyed those toffee bonbons, the next lot will taste just as good! Hugs. Flick xx