Monday, 2 June 2008

Busy as a Bee

It's been a busy time since we returned from London on Friday, so I'm still knackered!

Saturday I took nanny's best girl to the Grand Opening of Lisa's studio here Primrose Hill Interiors and we had a wonderful, summery time whilst taking tea and cake, looking at the new fluffy ducklings who really are gorgeous, as well as meeting the geese and chickens; and meeting Rachel and Katy ... etc. Well done and the Greatest of Good Luck to Lisa and her endeavours. XX

After returning NBG to her mum and family, Mr T and I went on a walk with the Rural, in aid of McMillan fund and puffed ourselves out along a river walk. Mr T and just one other woman wanted a longer walk so they went off into the woods. Now, J is nearly 80 years old so I didn't get jealous of her being with him, just of her energy. When I told another elderly gentleman that my husband had gone off to the woods with another woman, he drolly remarked 'They do. They do.' Which I thought was hilarious. Anyway, J told me nothing had happened (!)

And, then we met an old friend of mine, well ours really. Sue is a girl I grew up with and we met again a couple of years ago after re-gaining contact via Friends Re-united. What a great site this is - I've caught up with loads of people and it's hard to realise at times that a lot of us are now grandparents, in our fifties, rather than the fifteen year olds of our memories. Anyway, Sue and her partner were up in Scotland for a few days and were determined to meet up with us. It was fantastic to catch up with all the gossip and, at times, the years just fell away as we giggled when remembering certain people, especially boys we'd gone out with etc. One of these is still with me, actually, as Mr T and I went to the same senior school, and he lived only two roads away from Sue and I! Now, we have both moved away from England, Sue to Wales and me to Scotland.

As if all that wasn't enough, Mr T and I were due down at the village hall on Sunday morning to help with clearing up the grounds, eg grass-cutting, planting pots etc and, well, having a good old chat with the neighbours! Me, in my infinate wisdom, decided to continue with the practicing for the Race For Life despite my back still not being up to it, and cycled the two or so miles to the hall! 'Only two and a half miles? That's nothing!' you might scoff. As well you might, but it was knackering though luckily mostly downhill! There were jibes that indicated I should also cycle the homeward journey, but of course Mr T had taken his car, so we squashed my bike into the back and I bagged a ride home.

I was feeling rather sore for the extra moving about after sitting for so long on the London journeys, but as the evening progressed I began to feel slightly worse for wear. Today, I have ascertained that I am either suffering a summer cold or the bloomin' hayfever has selected me again this year for a visit. Gah!

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