Monday, 29 January 2007

I am stupid and the Sun Shines

'My name's tea and cake and I am an addict.' There I said it. And, it is nearly true, damn me. I stayed up until gone three am this morning playing a sodding computer game called 'Zookeeper' (again, sorry, don't know how to 'link'.) I am proud to announce I reached a score of 13300 and ... oh, no I'm not. This must stop. It encroaches onto my days and I have a life to live.

Such as today, after I had gone through several errands and been swimming (slowly, I was too, too tired) and all at once, I realised that the Sun was Shining, and it had been so warm I did not even need a coat after my swim. I am so used to it being dark by 3.30 pm that it took a while for me to register that I could see the mountains in the distance, polker-dotted with snow, and there were bits of soft, white clouds scudding about in a bluey sky.

In future, when I have had sufficient sleep, I will have remembered to take my camera out with me.

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