Thursday, 25 January 2007

An illegal day

I have been to Physio And I now have a cold neck due to a fairly short back and sides, though the front remains longish and stylish a la Jade (Apparently, loads of people are asking for a 'Jade' so I'm not the first. ) However, as I am nearly 50 years old alterations to the style had to be made. I digress.

Considering I am usually a law-abiding person I have had an illegal day today.

On the way home from the hairdressers I had to make a teensy, weensy tele-communication to Freaky Friday, my youngest adult child, to check if she wanted to take a look at my new look. And, some TWAT, together with some more TWAT's in his small lorry cab (what is the collective name for a group of hairy, dirty, leering TWATS?) decided he would tail-gate me.

This is on slightly wettish, snowyish roads mind, that still have the remnants of fallen tree trunks by the sides of them. Quite frankly I was scared. So, what to do? I rang Mr T and, at those points that this Orange Lorry Cab was back enough for me to see his number plate, I recited it out, ensuring said TWAT could see that I was looking at the plate And speaking to somebody.

Mr T's advice, quite rightly, was to pull over and allow the motorist to pass by. Bugger that!

So, did I heed this advice? Nah. I put on my hazards, so he fully flashed his lights at me. I turned off my hazards and stated straight ahead. War was now being declared. I very slowly creaped along the road while I had a think. As I continued in this slow fashion he seemed to get a bit cross ... it's funny how my little car then went slower on the bendy bits or past the double white liney things, but would pick up a jolly good speed along the straight bits. Until we reached small town and he turned off, so I know where he goes but he doesn't know where I goes, hah!

This journey home was after having driven to town almost blinded by the low sun on my muddy, dried windscreen; found a broken mobile 'phone and didn't hand it in; Omitted to tell JT the physio that I was 30 minutes late due to perusal of emails, blogs and, of course McKenna's cd: And Lied to JT when I told him that, of course I had been doing my excercises at least twice a day, been sitting in the correct chair and walked the recommended 20 minutes each day.

Some are lies, omissions and occasionally illegal but it's been an eventful day. Mr T LIKES my new hairdo and we are off to a Pub Quiz this evening - where, I swear, I will not cheat. What's next for me then, International Jewel Thief?

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