Friday, 26 January 2007

Boys have a one track mind

For many years we boasted a dishwasher - this was between it being a 'status symbol' but before it became an 'every day' item in the kitchen. Bought when Mr T and I were both working shifts and the two adult children were smelly, lazy arsed teenagers, it was a necessity. You get the picture. However, when we moved into this aged Tied Cottage over two years ago, the previous occupant had not seen the need for one (Nor a tumble drier!! Nor yet a shower!!) so there was made no space for it.

I love cooking and like to indulge most days, now that I have the time; instead of working well, more than full-time - and we have to eat, after all. I particularly enjoy cooking Fresh Food and Vegetables, especially home grown or shot. But, I am now Meggerly Pissed Off at the Washing Up part of it. Mr T does take a turn in clearing up the mess but, as he works more hours, at heavier work than me, then the deal is that I do something I surprisingly enjoy - cooking and housekeeping (Not, I might add, am I particularly arsed to be houseproud, far from it!)

Of late, and particularly after having all our family up for Xmas, we have been having 'Discussions' on the merits of buying a dishwasher and making some small, tiny space for it, in what has to be politely described as a Shite kitchen. The Discussions, between moi and Mr T consist of;

Me: 'I hate this fucking washing up! Every time I cook there is loads of Washing Up! (smash, crash and heavily plonking down of ... whatever is being used at the time)

Mr T:

Me: 'I SAID... ' and so it continues to the sound of nothing.

BUT when a certain conversation starts between, well anyone who might be in anyway slightly interested on HD Ready, Thin Screen, Fuck Off Sized Televisions, or Laptops That Sing, Dance and Take Your Picture, or iPod's That Display Peter Kay et al Performing 'Is this the way to Amerillo' Mr T transforms into a right natter-box. Grr!

Don't get me wrong, I love all the above-mentioned technology (except the Peter Kay part) life would now be barren without it, But ...
I think I am now winning and a compromise has been reached - some bits can be moved around, a smaller sized d/washer can be purchased etc. etc. the rub now is to get said Mr T into some shops and part with a bit of his money that is not what boys with one track minds would like to spend on.


monkeymother said...

It seems to me that you are almost there but, in case this helps: When we had a similar situation some years ago, I just said: "OK, that's fine, I'll cook, as long as you always wash up", with huge emphasis on the "always". That baby rolled through the door the next day.

tea and cake said...

Ha,ha! We apparently can move the washing machine to where I said in the first place, move the sink over and get a wee d/washer in. Doh! Methinks your plan is dastardly and successful and will be used in the future for anything else that I need done, that I knew the answer to in the first place. Delerious? Yes.