Tuesday, 23 January 2007

tea and cake

Well, here goes. I've been and gone and done It. My own Blog, eow! I couldn't think what the hell to call the New Blog so chose my favourite drink/food. Though I'm not supposed to be thinking about food At All, according to the Paul McKenna cd I listened to yesterday and today, in my nth attempt to lose some weight, any weight at all, please. According to the gravelly-voiced Paul, I'm not supposed to diet at the same time as allowing him to make me thin, but what is a girl to do?


Dusty Spider said...

Well hi there tea & cake nice to see you.

monkeymother said...

Well done! I'm so impressed. NWM tells me to blog and I say I just can't be arsed - which is true - but I seem to find the time to read others' blogs and write inane comments -go figure (as I believe they say in the US of A). Go Girl! seems quite appropriate in your case.

tea and cake said...

Hello monkeymother! Nice to meet you! I know what you mean - I could spend all day on this machine ... erm, I nearly do! As one mother to another I'm glad you gave NWM all the advice you did for her travels; and eyes of mothers' are not only in the back of heads but also backs of feet etc, esp when daughters decide to raise two fingers to your sage advice, eh?