Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Embarrasssssing or What?

So, the nice lady from the place where I've submitted a grant bid came to see me today. She asked loads of questions, which made me go somewhat pale. Thankfully, I had another lady with me, my predecessor (of the Grants Application person type thing) who, thankfully, knew all the answers. But, even she couldn't stop herself from a dig or two of

'Oh, when I put in a grant application I...' and 'Ah, isn't that information in there?' and 'Didn't you bring ... ?'

They weren't complicated questions, fairly simple really, that anybody would be able to answer quite easily. If you know the answers, that is.

Put quickly some of the Q's were as follows:
(and none of which there was space for on the form. And, the nice lady just wanted to come and see where the money might be going etc)

Who uses it? (the place)
Where do they come from?
How often do they use it?
How many people on the committee?
Do you have trustees?
Who are the trustees?
How many of those on the committee?
Who are on the committee?
Can the committee make decisions without the trustees?
How much money did you make last year?
Why do you want this grant if you've got that already?
What work did you do (to the place) last year?
How did you pay for that?
Oh, you've got all that in the bank?
What are you going to do with all that?
How much money do you need to run? (the place)
How do you raise your funds?
When are you going to do this work?
Who is going to do it?
What else are you applying for?

Simple who, what, why, where, when and how questions really. That I could not answer - except the last three.

I was actually asked if I would stand, in this role, on this local committee. I didn't push myself forward, and only agreed to step up, thinking it would be a good way to get to know some more local people, and be part of the local community. However, I do get weary of being the 'new one,' of 'being polite' especially when there are Assholes who couldn't run a tap, let alone a local hall committee, and want to show me how hard they are, and be, quite frankly, Obstructive. And What the hell for? Just to resist any changes I, as a newbie, might want to suggest? And, no I really haven't waded in, like a lot of newbies have been wont to do; I've tried to fit in, do my best and work hard at whatever I've been asked, or volunteered to do.

But, hey, Mr T and I are new here. Only been here for nearly four years. Five minutes only. So, not a local yet then.

(We have a committee meeting this week. If I don't get the info I need, I shall give up. There, I've said it, so therefore it shall happen. Fuck 'em, I say.)


Primrose Hill said...

oooooh, the joys of being on the village hall committee, I won't be volunteering for that job then!!;)

Chin up, at least you've got your tie finished!!!

L xx

tea and cake said...

LOL! Thanks for cheering me up. I've just realised - they would make for a great story .... !
cheers, K xx

Dusty Spider said...

Don't let the bastards grind you down!!!! Do you want me to sort them out for you?? Flick xx

tea and cake said...

D'you know, dusty, we've now had said meeting and I think some 'pleasant' and 'manners' pills have been taken. It did make for a bit of a wierd meeting, though!!

Breezy said...

Committees eh? nothing like them for bringing out the best in people (I don't think)

tea and cake said...

Hello breezy! You are sooo right. I've figured out though, that the reason why this week's meeting was so weird. They were all apologetic and asking my opinion, which they never do usually. It is because one of the members behaved apallingly last time - was racist to me about being English, and 'moved up here.' Can you credit it, in this day and age?! Anyhow, I let her get on with it. I know some people feel like this, and some English people feel like this, as do some Welsh, etc. But, they don't usually Say It, for god's sake!! Silly, crass woman she is.