Sunday, 4 May 2008

Right, down to work

People know me. You know me, right? And what a twat I can be sometimes, about taking on too much etc etc. Well, I reached the pits this week. I was supposed to do a 800 word assignment (should that be an 800 word ... ?) Anyway, it was to be in by midnight on Friday. Only 800 words for chrissakes! And, what did I do? No work for the two weeks to gather the knowledge and wisdom, as well as the wherewithall to answer the three damned questions.

It was due in by midnight. I started proper work (minus panicking) at approximately 9.45 pm. And sent in just over 400 words. Of drivel. That my poor tutor has to read, analyse and give me a fail mark for, bless her. Shit, shit, shit. There are people who have to Have these 60 points to begin, end or underpin their studies, and I just fuck about.

Not from now on I don't. I have turned over a new leaf. I love the subjects in the course - art, history, philosophy, music et al. And, the course is paid for.

So. Right, down to work. The next assignment will be work 85 %. You watch.


Papoosue said...

This is all sounding rather familiar...

Poor you, it's a real struggle at times, isn't it? (being honest, it's a struggle all the time for me. of course, a little organisation might help on my part...).

Keep smiling ;-)

Breezy said...

I remember that OU rollercoaster and whilst I am really glad I did it . . . never again!

Dusty Spider said...

Hope you get your 85%. Have you set aside the time yet?? :-) Flick xxxxxx

tea and cake said...

Oh gawd, all of you. My result came back and I got a massive 32%!! Just think what I'd have gotten if I'd done the damned work?! K xx