Thursday, 17 April 2008

Tagged! Again!!

Hiya, I've been tagged by Dusty Spider again! Well, I was tagged again the other day, with several questions. One of which was,

'What were you doing 10 years ago?'

I found this very awkward, mainly because several people in my family were having a very shit time around then. This affected me quite badly and I was quite ill for some time. Thankfully, all have recovered, and grown.

And, I was only aged 40 then, with ne'er the menopause within sight of the horizon. That was a blessing at that time! Had they invented HRT by sticker application then, I wonder? Thank goodness I am my age, in the time I am now in. Gone, hopefully, are the days when girlies of a certain age were just expected to 'get on with it,' and just thought to be hysterical. Hasn't it? Ah.

Anyway, back to today's tag, which is what is on my Desk Top, ta da

Thank goodness that my bro', wicker man, was here to tell me how to do it! The tree picture is owned by Jason Evans, over at Clarity of Night. He is a great writer himself, as well as a photographer and, erm, a lawyer, I think. This was the picture he used for inspiration to the entrants to his last 'Comp' entitled 'Whispers' I didn't manage to get my entry in on time, so missed out again. My last two entries are over on my other page, 'Pushing Pencil' (ooh, advertising as well!)

Sorry for staying away, by the way. I have been busy with craft competition thingies, of which I shall post again soon - even if I don't win! I am rather pleased with two of the projects I have done that involve knitting and sewing. I am and always have been a knitter, but sewing is now creaping in a little bit, so I am pleased with my efforts.

Now, back to the studying as well. This is really interesting, as we're learning all about the French Revolution at the moment - which is all news to me, I'm afraid. I never listened at school and always felt I'd missed out on a proper education. However, I am just as convinced that learning later in life has the big compensations of a) at least I can understand and put into context just what I am reading and b) I want to learn now, and can choose just what I want to learn about.


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