Monday, 7 April 2008

Family extensions and full up hearts

Nanny's best girl has been thoroughly spoilt this last week. As well she should be.

Now, we all used to live a long way away, down in middle England, but we (me and Mr T) moved up here to the highlands of Scotland. Even though we saw each other three or four times as year, including Xmas, mine and nanny's best girl's hearts were fair broken by the distance. But, late in 2006 she and her family moved up here to be nearer to us. Hurrah! We have the best time and she, thankfully, loves to come and stay with us, learn knitting and crochet and helping granddad.

However, she does miss her father's side of the family, and this left her other grandmother quite bereft, all that way down in England. Her daddy also misses her, despite that he has often let her down in the past and still does sometimes - all due to the misuse of alcohol, shall we say? We know he does love her, just doesn't seem to be enough to come off the booze, somehow.

But, anyway, big, big news! Daddy and Grandma made a booking to stay in a holiday cottage quite close by, Just So They Could Spend Some Time With nanny's best girl! How wonderful is that? I am so impressed by this, especially as grandma has a disability with her movement. They spent the week with her, took her out either together or just daddy, or just grandma; quite sensibly didn't shower her with presents or money, just had quite a 'normal' time really.

And, nearly as wonderful, is that we went and had a cuppa with them, as well as them coming here for a cuppa. So, nanny's best girl, was the centre of attention, with a whole host of her own family around her.


Dusty Spider said...

So pleased for nanny's best girl. Bet she had a lovely time. Give her a hug from me. Nana Flick x

Dusty Spider said...

There's a good chat award for you over on my blog. It's awarded to the people you'd most like to have a natter with. Enjoy! Flick x

tea and cake said...

Thank you, and Thank you, dusty! K xx