Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Meme - 7 things about moi

Well now, ages ago Dusty Spider included me in a meme of Seven Things About Me and I've only just gotten around to doing it! I am reminded of it as she has also given me the Award, over there --> for the Good Chat Blog Award, Thank You!

So, seven things (those I can at least share here, anyway!)

1. I have always been a feminist. As a small child I questioned my mum as to why it was only men who read the news. 'Because ladies might get upset by some bad news,' was her reply. Which I never believed.

2. I love the skills I have of typing and driving. They give me such freedom to be able to firstly, write quickly and secondly to go where I want and go home as soon as I want. Independence.

3. The best job in the world for me is being a grandmother. Nanny's best girl is/was the 'third child' I always wanted. Mr T says he is too selfish to have had any children let alone the two we have. Pah! He is a wonderful father and grandfather - generously giving his time and is a wizz with tickles that make children laugh. I love the fact that I now have the time, money and sleep to enjoy my three grand-daughters.

4. I am such a klutz at taking on too much and never quite achieving all that I want to do. Fer'instance, I do believe that I am still aged 30 and have the energy of that age. I just wish I didn't have to spend time sleeping, then I could fit in all that I want to do, every day.

5. I experience depression, periodically, though not suicidal. I have to work quite hard for it not to affect my family and those around me. Having back problems doesn't help with this. I used to hide under the covers for days, whilst eating. Then, I would feel drunk and have to take time off work. Menstrual migraines didn't help either. However, I have found that bosses, once the circumstances were explained, were great at allowing me to take time off in lieu instead of sick time.

6. I loved being 30 - now that was when 'my' time began, as an adult, with children now in their teens. I hated becoming 40 - ugh! that's what your aunties, mothers and grandmothers did - I didn't feel 'old' enough. Now, 50 has been a breeze, especially as I have a best friend in her 60's and nothing stops her!

7. Still on the age thing, having gotten married at age 17, I've never felt old enough to be entitled Mrs ... and, have always preferred to be addressed by my first name. This is, as well as the feminist Ms. I know I shall get screams of 'Ms, ugh' But, I really do prefer this. (I am still married to the same man, poor thing he is. I tell him 'If I was normal, you'd be bored!)

Ooh, I hadn't planned what to write, and I wonder if I wrote this on another day, would the seven things that I've highlighted here be different? I think so, though the basics would still be there. Thanks, Dusty for asking for this.

Now, I have to nominate 7 others for this, hmm, who shall I choose, oh I know:

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I shall look forward to reading what these lovely people will write about themselves.


Buggles Balham High Road said...

Thanks for the invite. I shall think and Blog over the weekend.

tea and cake said...

Hi buggles, I hope you will write something. Thanks for stopping by, K x

Dusty Spider said...

And about time too! Great stuff. I think I've always been a feminist at heart too. Cannot ever remember feeling that men and woman were equally treated. There's still a lot of injustice towards women even in our fair land.

Dusty Spider said...

I've tagged you. Please pop over to my blog for the details. Flick xx
PS Don't like to think of you having nothing to the way....have you made my bed up yet?

Breezy said...

Thanks for the tag even though I was there before you.

I know what you mean about being called Mrs although its usually when some little kid refers to me as "that lady" when I feel really old

tea and cake said...

Woo, hoo dusty, I shall pop over for a looksee, now. And, yep the bed's all made up and tucked in for you!

tea and cake said...

hi, breezy! It's worse when you're called, 'that fat lady!' I can tell you!
And, thanks for popping by, tea? cake? do sit down ...

Dusty Spider said...

Hiya, I've a different tag for you over at my place. Flick x PS Where the hell are you?? Hope everything's OK. Hugs. Flick xx

Graeme K Talboys said...

Eek. I've just seen my name. Fame at last. And my favourite subject as well ;-)

tea and cake said...

eek, Graeme! I am soo sorry, I forgot to let you know I'd tagged you!!!
Awe, go on, do please. I'd love to know...
luv Karen xx