Thursday, 17 April 2008

Pleased? You Bet!

I am rather chuffed with myself this week, as I have been very busy on the craft front, as well as having a ball, making friends and well, just making a mess everywhere.

This is something I 'knocked' up, that took me a full 7 hours from start to finish,

I can't remember what the term for this kind of applique is called, but I had to place each piece of fabric onto a printed pattern (that I had already transferred) and stitch that in place; then stitche the next one to it, and so on. Then, I had to add on the two side (top and bottom here) panels, and then do the machine embroidery, embroider over the red and gold braids. And then, dear reader, I had to hand embroider the other stitches on - seed, lazy daisy, pistel, french knot and fly stitch, phew!

And, never having had an embroidery lesson in my life, any and all of these have been learned from a leaflet, this week (apart from the french knots.)

I did receive 'joint third' with this wonderful creation at the SWRI meeting this evening (mainly, apparently, because my sewing up after stuffing was iffy) I just don't mind!

I am now the (v.v.) proud owner of a fabulous 4" x 2 1/2" pincushion, which I just happened to need.


Dusty Spider said...

Tried to leave a comment yesterday but the comments link didn't work. Hey ho. Well done you!! Love the pincushion and now i know what went into it well.....I could never have the patience to do that. Flick xx

tea and cake said...

Hi dusty, it is lovely, isn't it? I bet I don't go back and finish it off properly, though, eh?!

Mima said...

What a beautiful cushion - I'm impressed by the craftyness and care that went into it, even if the judges weren't (or not enough!). Well done on giving up smoking, the cravings are finally getting easier, it is now just the habit stuff to deal with, which I gather takes a while.

tea and cake said...

hello mima and welcome! Just flicking away some crumbs from a chocolate bar here! Yes, the cravings do take a while, and I've even had friends ask me to waft my 2nd had smoke over to them, years after they had given up the ciggies.
Phew! I just checked where you live, in case you were in USA and I'd used the word 'fag' in my comment to you!
Hope the cravings don't getcha today. love, Karen xx