Tuesday, 9 February 2010


I joined the lovely Weight Watchers a couple of weeks ago and, not only did I weigh more than I thought, but it was a massive one and a half stones more than I thought, eek!  Oh, I had quite smugly gone on after Christmas saying 'Oh, no I never put much weight on over the holiday, an I haven't this year, either'.  Which I believed wholeheartedly, as we've got some digital weighing scales - though we have had them for a few years.  I was feeling tired a lot of the time, and my trousers seemed tighter, as well, if I'm honest, did all my clothes.  I just put that down to middle age etc.

But, instead of weighing in at the 16 st 4 lbs I expected, it came in at the humungous 17st 11lbs - nearly blimmin' 18 stones, heck!  I thought long and hard about what to write here about it - whether to put the exact weight or to be coy.  But, if I am to be totally honest and be wholeheartedly committed to losing this weight then I have to put it out there.  I am relying here on the fact that most of anyone who might read this, doesn't know me, phew!  And, those who do, and want to make fun of me or whatever, can bugger off! 

Anyway, last week I had the Big Weigh In from My First Week = and lost 2 lbs - not a huge amount for a first week of feeling deprived and hungry, but Hurrah anyway!  This week isn't so bad, as I've been less hungry, and the craving for cakes and sweets has all but gone, which is strange as I'm usually addicted to cakes and sweets.  However, I am determined to succeed at this now - especially as I have to take pills for blood pressure and cholesterol - or, I'm at risk of a heart attack within the next five years, the GP tells me.  A very sombre thought.

I am not to do this all alone though, as I have Mr T doing the diet, as well as my daughter; I have the weekly class, the online Points tracker; a facebook page that our leader has opened.  The list is endless.  So, here goes!


Shabby Chick said...

Hi hun

Lots of good luck! Our weights are pretty similar to be honest, I never thought I'd get this big :-S

I lost 5st at WW in 2002, I found it way better than Slimming World and even kept it off until I had kids lol! I find it really hard having all the treats in for the girls not to scoff them myself.

Hugs, Mel xxx

tea and cake said...

I know SC! It just creeps up on you, doesn't it? Have you thought about re-joining? Absolutely no pressure here, at all, I promise. I'm just feeling a bit better, and a bit lighter. I know it will be a slow process, though. x

Just Original said...

I went on the scales at my Mum & Dads 2 weeks ago and had the shock of my life!

So I too joined WW last Thursday, yet to have my 1st weigh in, but I feel I am doing OK! Keep us informed on how you are doing.

Vanessa x