Friday, 12 February 2010

Another one (and ½) bites the dust!

Diet Diary - week 2

Yay! Another 1½ lbs off, so I now weight 17 st 7½ lbs.  Now, while I would have liked so have lost 6 or 7lbs each of the two weeks I have been doing this, I do feel slimmer and lighter already, and the 'bloatedness' has gone right down.  Surprisingly, I have only lost inches off my hips, not anywhere else.  This has happened before when I have cut right down on the fat I have been consuming. And, my bum looks slimmer!

My aim for this week is two-fold - drink more fluids, and walk more.  I walked this morning for 20 minutes, and earned another point for this!  Apparently, it is not good to not use up the extra 'Activity' points, so I can have 25 instead of the 24, today.  And, as Mr T says, if you walk more you lose weight, and if you're lighter, it makes losing weight easier.

On another note - we have our daughter's birthday on Sunday, yes on, Valentines Day.  So, we have nanny's best girl coming over to make and decorate a cake for her.  Daughter says she wants a weightwatchers cake, but we'll see.  Then, Mr T and I are going out for our dinner.  I have yet to make daughter's birthday and Mr T's cards, so I'd better get on. bye for now xx


Some Chilean Woman said...

I loved Weight Watchers when I did it, I never felt deprived. Keep it up!

tea and cake said...

thanks, SCW, I am currently obsessed!