Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Headache & Warning of Colourful Language

Ooh, I do have a headache today.  No, not because I've been out on the razz, though we did go out again last night, but I am very boring and don't drink.  Not becuase I don't like it - I do, I do!  but it seems to hate me and, if I do have a drink, it acts like a poison on my body and takes a week to get over it. Bah, I do dislike this getting old malarky.

No, we went out with some friends we met while on our hols in Egypt last October.  They came to stay for the night as they were on their way to Glasgow.  It was really lovely to see them again, and it seemed like we'd only seen them last week instead of four months ago!

Anyway, when we'd gone over all our holiday pics, we toddled off to our beds and we have a telly in our room.  So, I switched on the latest episode of 'Shameless' ** that we'd recorded.  Oh heck I am really enjoying this current series!  I don't know where they get their ideas from, but they are so shocking!  However, once we'd watched that, I turned over to some +1 channel and saw next week's as well!  I don't even know what time I finally turned off the light and went to sleep, but I sure was tired when I 'came to' this morning.  Then, needing to feed our guests their breakfasts, I left it up to Mr T to make the porridge, while I sat at the table chopping up strawberries and putting them and some blueberries in bowls, and making the tea.

One a diet note - I made a mistake when I went up to the loo this afternoon (no, don't worry, not anything remotely 'Shameless'-like) but, I pulled down my jeans without undoing them!  Woo, hoo the inches must be coming off, eh?

** Please note the 'Shameless'  series is very explicit, with loads of swearing, violence and adult content - phew, thank goodness!


Amanda said...

Ohh i'm feeling that loose jeans excitement for you!! Well done! x

tea and cake said...

Yay, thank you, Amanda!