Friday, 19 February 2010

Diet Update - probably boring you by now

But, it's not boring to me!  I lost another 1 lb this week!  Phew.  We've been out to eat twice this week, and I'm afraid I took no notice of what I was supposed to order, just had what I had and thoroughly enjoyed it.  However, I was then very careful about what else I was eating, so as to limit the damage.  So, this week I am a very lucky, 17 st 4 ½ lbs.

In other news, I have been sewing, but I have no pictures as yet - all will be revealed soon, I promise, with a surprise present I had!  Patience now, y'hear?

And, more news is that Mr T and I are due to visit the Americas before the end of the year!  Yep, we are doing the tourist-y bit of Route 66, but in a car.  No, not boring just sensible at our age.  We will be celebrating our 35th Wedding anniversary in the summer, but can't get away until later in the year.  We shall also be going with our great pals, N and G.  G is my uncle but so young that he won't readily admit it, cheeky monkey.  But, we went to Zambia and Mombassa together five years ago, when we were all celebrating our Pearl (30th) anniversaries.  Oh, and I found out recently that 35 years of wedded bliss is celebrated with Coral.  Hmm, me thinks we need to scuba dive for that one!

Our new and good friends, L and T, are possibly going there as well, and at a similar time.  We met them on our last holiday to Egypt last October.  They came by to see us this week, and I just realised I already posted about this, sorry, but it was great to see them.

Right, you might be able to tell that I am sitting in my kitchen, v.v. late, posting this, so it's time I was off to get my, much needed, beauty sleep.

NB. Picture courtesy of The Nature Conservancy; Coral reef in American Samoa
Photo © Keoki Stender, Fishpics Hawaii

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