Saturday, 1 November 2008

Mini Knitting Workshop - Answers

Erm, following on from my post about the knitting workshop, there were several remarks in the comments box, with people’s queries and disappointments about their knitting.

At the risk of acting like a ‘know-it-all’ I thought I’d take the time to give out some answers, if that’s okay? Read on if you wish to know or, if you already know the stuff, then you may leave the class – but only if you have a note from your parent or guardian, thank you.

Shirley: if you drop a stitch, try using a crochet hook to ‘hook’ the stitch back onto the needle. Don’t worry about which way it should go until you have it or they back on the needle. As you continue to knit the row, you’ll notice if the stitch is the wrong way round and can take it off and then slip it back on.

Blue Hands: the peaches and crème stuff will be perfect for your eco string bags! Hope you’ll post up some piccies when you’ve done some.

Apprentice: I’d love you to be in my class! Tension is the bane of every knitter’s life. You could try knitting a ‘swatch.’ On the knitting yarn ball-band there is a diagram of a crossed pair of knitting needles, which tells you which needles to use for that yarn. With those needles cast on 36 stitches and work 36 rows of knit one row, purl one row (stocking or stockingette stitch) (for some reason this won’t give you a square.) Now, in the centre of this ‘swatch’ measure out a 10 cm square and mark it with sewing pins. The stocking stitch is made up of what look like rows of ‘v’s’ and what you need to do is count the ‘v’s’ between the pins. On the ball band there should be a grid that tells you how many stitches there should be across and upwards – yours needs to match this for you to make the project to the correct size.
If there are too many stitches, then your knitting is tight and you’ll need to use a bigger size needle and vice versa, if there aren’t enough then you need a size smaller.
It does seem a bit of a faff and, if you’re new to knitting you’ll feel as though this will take you weeks to do, but it does help you to be able to wear what you knit! Go get that shrug pattern and give it a go. Go on.

Papoosue: you won’t belieeeeeeve what the gossip was …… ! I very nearly wet myself with laughing!

Mean Mom: see above for crochet hook action. Oh, do pick up those needles again, do!

Probably Jane: The scones were delicious, as usual! Thanks for the tip-off about the sock blockers – mine are on my way now, I hope! (I just wish we could get them here, though as the postage is dearer than the blockers, ouch!)

Wild Rose: the day was really lovely, and I’m looking forward to going on the Christmas flowers one on 6 November, too.

Well, if I’ve got any of this wrong, do please let me know, but this is how I do my knitting though, like most of us, I’m still learning after over thirty years, too!

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments – made I blush, it did!


Shirley said...

Thanks for the tip, Karen. We're starting into our winter season, too, so maybe it won't be too long until I dig out my knitting again. And it won't be very long until I've dropped a stitch and will be able to try out your solution. :)

Dusty Spider said...

A virtual knitting class! Thanks for the tips. All these lovely pastimes are being added to the list.... Flick xx

tea and cake said...

shirley & dusty, hello! thank you for your comments, it's lovely to hear from you - and mightI hear needles clacking?