Friday, 28 November 2008

Still here ...

Yes, I am still here, just very busy of late, it seems. I had part (a very small corner, it turns out) of a table at a craft sale last weekend and sold ........ 1 dishcloth! And, that was a sympathy buy at that! Ah well, there are only three of us instead of four at tomorrow's sale and, to be honest, I'm not too bothered. I've several bibs cut out and the first sewing done on them, but I don't think I shall be awake at 6 am to sew them in the morning as I was last week.

In other news I am really enjoying my new car, it is the most comfortable chair I currently sit in! I just want to drive and drive - in fact I think I did just that during the first week I had it - but I can't afford the fuel to do that every week. I am keeping well, though Mr T's back has been playing him up, but a few early nights should aide a recovery of that.

I have been busy with work of the housekeeping/cooking kind and, though it's tiring, it is enjoyable. Also, I have been to Scottish Country dancing these few weeks, and I think I am finally 'clicking' as to what my feet should be doing, as well as where they are supposed to be taking me! And, to cap it all I have been riding for two weeks now. Yes, a real live horse! Oh, I have missed riding so much, but when I sat in that saddle, it felt like home and I hadn't forgotten anything - well nothing important anyway, such as which way to face etc! And, Sam the lovely horse is bomb-proof, but will get a move on well enough that he doesn't cause me too much hard work. I just wave the whip about a bit and he pays attention (however, I would never hit him with it.) And, apparently when he gets a bit spooked the most he does is raise an eyebrow - just my sort of fella, eh?

I didn't tell Mr T before I went for the first lesson as I knew he would be 'anti' especially as when I'm ill it is him who has to look after me etc. And, he was a bit croxx when I told him where I'd been. But, there were no after effects as regards my back the following morning, or later on in the week. Well, nothing apart from the expected in the nether regions of course!

Hey ho, it seems that traveling about a bit albeit on my twinkly toes, in the auto car or in the saddle, appears to suit me. At blimmin' last, eh?


campbellgirl said...

Well yippy-kayay woman! Sounds like you are enjoying life. Wish I had the courage to get out there and do stuff. You keep it up as long as you can, you hear?

Love your new banner pic - brrrr!
Cheers, D

. said...

Looks like you had a good time.


Shirley said...

I have a neighbor who has had back problems for many years, to the point that he is unable to sit down at all. He has found that riding his horse is the one thing that gives him relief. And the relief lasts for most of a day. So he tries to ride every day. Whatever works!

blue hands said...

what good news, that a bit of enjoyable exercise is doing no damage, and may even be doing a bit of good! It's very dis-spiriting when physical capacity is curtailed and the knock-on effects are cumulative. Good on you, lady!

Dusty Spider said...

Glad you're "getting about a bit" and enjoying your new car. I expect the weather has halted that pastime for the moment though. Do take care won't you. I heard on the radio that the road was closed beyond the Spittle and thought of you all tucked up with your knitting in front of a roaring fire. Was I close? Love, Flick xx

tea and cake said...

campbellgirl: I'm lucky to have found the 'thing' that I can do x

alfezema: I did!

shirley: I wish I could do that, too, but the cost would be prohibitive!

blue hands: thanks, and I think it is doing some good, at least to be moving about - when the snow allows

dusty: you got me!

Shabby Chick said...


Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment... it's nice to know someone else has been through similar and survived!!! Not that I would wish it on anyone but thank you for sharing that with me.

I think you could well be right about seeing the doctors again etc, though last time I went they just gave me a month's valium (which did absolutely nothing for me despite them telling me I'd get addicted to it - it was their idea to prescribe it!).

Love your blog, it's making me want to put the kettle on right now but I should be dropping off daughter #1 at preschool at 9.00 so best not! Will be reading on...

Mel x

tea and cake said...

Thank You for stopping by, Mel. I do hope you are feeling a little better, despite the scripts from the doc!

Shabby Chick said...

Thanks for the kind comment on my cushion, I think we are all hypercritical of things we've made ourselves!

I'm in awe that you can knit, I used to be able to when I was about seven but in recent years I got bought a "knit yourself a monkey kit - age 12+" and still only have a head and body with legs and no arms, face or lovely stripey scarf! And that was with constant supervision from my mum in law :-S

Have a nice weekend x