Sunday, 9 November 2008


Sometimes, people say, life gets them down. Sometimes, for me, it's people that get me down. When you get people being people, I suppose, but on top of life as well. Well, it can get tiring. Two examples.

one : people make a judgement about someone, based on what someone else tells them about another person.

F'instance a rumour was circulating, apparently, about a couple who I thought of as friends, about some financial thing or other. The person mentioned it to me and I was gobsmacked that such a rumour was going about.

However, I now realise that this person thought it was me circulating this stuff. Which it wasn't. It never would be. Really, living in such a small place it would be awful to tell anyone anything you know - and believe me, it is like livning amongst an exteneded family here. I really would rather the person ask me straight rather than tittle-tattle about me.

two : people don't like it if you get something they don't believe you are entitled to, or their relative couldn't get it and they really needed it.

But, I shall be driving the new, automatic car I need; and park it where it is convenient for me. And, I shall still go to country dancing, and dance as much as I am able (on medical advice) and sit out the ones that I'm not. Fuck 'em, eh?


Shirley said...

Well, I don't think I'd go THAT far, but . . . ;)

It kind of slaps you down to find out that someone who should know better thinks ill of you, doesn't it? If they would stop and think for ONE minute, they would realize that spreading nasty things is not something you would do. But it's easier not to stop and think, I guess. (Can you tell I've been in your place?)

I'm sorry that happened to you, Karen. And the car thing, too. Some people have such tiny itty-bitty minds, it's a wonder they can think enough to breathe!

Here's wishing you a lovely week ahead!

Papoosue said...

You go girl! I'm with you on all of that :-)

tea and cake said...

Thank you, shirley and papoosue, you are pals indeed! I still lost some sleep over it all - I'm a cancerian and too, too sensitive - but no more.
I've decided that I shall be myself, and it'll blow over. And, Mr T says, just don't tell people stuff, so I'll just stick to telling the quality who read this, then! thanx again, Karen xx

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi T & C, have just come over to catch up with you,(love the Roman Blind, it looks so professional), and to ask you to join in with the "7 Meme" if you would like to. It's not compulsory, but details are over at my place if you fancy it. M xx

Dusty Spider said...

Stop worrying! The people who know and love you will dismiss the gossip for the rubbish that it is. Stay cool and don't let them get at you. Hugs winging their way. Love Flick xx

tea and cake said...

mother: will do, thanks for the compliments!

dusty: thank You, Sweetie, you're right, as usual! (Speak to you v.v. soon x)