Thursday, 30 October 2008


Ooh, that's me, that is - squealing!

Look at this - what do you thik it might be?

I did wonder myself when I saw the garish pink ....... ?

And then.

And then, I found it was this!

I've joined the Get Knitted Sock Club and this is the August and October postings.
Yippeee! So, for the last couple of days I've barely watched our new, flat-screen, fixed-to-the wall, telly in the bedroom (what else do you do there. Oh, right.) Instead, have been trawling my sock books, leaflets, free patterns etc trying to decide just what to do with them.
Mr T has bagsied the green, so it'll have to be a deep-voiced, manly pattern for him, then.
Ooh, ooh, when shall I stop squealing, and find the time to start some socks?


Zoe said...

Fantastic yarn for socks. How do you find the new telly? We might get one!

tea and cake said...

hello zoe - the telly has caused no end of arguments! Mr T put it on the wall, and it seemed to, well, encroach on the room. And, it was a bit low for me to see it comfortably. So, Mr T duly put it on the 'coombed' ceiling, which is loads better, but too close to me now. hmmmf.
we are at stalemate for the time being to, 'see how it goes.' But, it is lovely to have such a small telly, just need to re-home the silver giant in the corner that was our telly. Karen xx

French Knots said...

Oh a sock club oooo! I'll have to go and have a look....uhoh spending ahead he he! And sock blockers, I've never heard of them before so will have to investigate that too, so easily led astry!

tea and cake said...

hi french knots, up the garden path and into the orangery, if I have my way!

Roobeedoo said...

OOH! That;s the first time I have seen anyone mention the Get Knitted sock club, though I saw it on the shop site. It's Lorna's Laces I see - lovely stuff!