Thursday, 6 November 2008

Well now, where was I?

My first roman blind, made and hung at the landing window

Oh yes, knitting. Well, I'm still at it, though you wouldn't think so from the moans eminating from Mr T. Apparently, he's feeling push out of his own home by the vast array of knitting yarns, fabric and other crafty paraphanalia such as needles and beads and books. Ah books. Yes, well the amazon bill is rather huge at the moment, but I cannot resist 'a bargain.' And, then there's the magazines who all offer such lovely free gifts on the font of them, with the promise of more expertize if you only owned them.

He is right of course, we are overloaded with my 'stuff.' But, the reason is that I have no-where to store it all, let alone Use It. My argument is that he has two workshops in which to keep his tools - some of which, ahem, have never been used no less! Oh yes, same as my fabric etc. But, we are working on getting another room sorted out, but it takes gentle discussion and creeping along perseverance to get the bosses to part with any funds with which to pay for it all. A case of slowly, slowly etc....

In the meantime, Mr T is beginning to believe that I am obsessed not only with yarn, fabric and books, but shopping as well.

Hmmm, perhaps I should switch to shoe buying?


Dusty Spider said...

Love the blinds, they look great. Don't start buying shoes (unless you really want to of course!) All you can do is walk in them! Flick xx

. said...

Your blind is very nice. The fabric is amazing.


tea and cake said...

thank you, and thank you!
(I don't mean it about the shoes - though I am bordering on a fetish for impossibly high heels - to photograph, as I cannot walk in them) Is this too much information?

campbellgirl said...

It's funny how our crafting paraphernalia (oooh that hurt!) grows and spreads! There's never 'enough' stuff, or space for it. Yaaahhh!

That blind is gorgeous, Kaz; great work!