Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Where does the time go?

I just don't know where all the time goes lately. Suddenly, today's Wednesday and it's the first of October, and probably nearly Xmas, if I know anything, grumble, mumble.

I do love Autumn. For the smokey smells, morning mists and mellowing colours. But, I get so tired at this time of year as well. I have also begun to take my painkillers for the 4 x per day, as prescribed which, while it helps me not to be awoken with the pain during the night, makes me a tad sleepy during the day. Hey, ho.

But, while the last couple of days have been non-productive on the craft front, it has on the dolly-lollypop front. Since mum goes to work I have the delicious pleasure of looking after baby in her absence.

'Couldn't you just watch a baby all day long?' asks my bezzy mate, in joyous wonderment. 'Most certainly, yep.' Is the answer.

Speaking of bezzy mates, I started a project for mine some time ago, which I presented to her during her visit. It is this elephant pouch, the pattern for which I got from a lovely inspirational book, The Crafters' Companion. Made with love and giggles for my lovely, inspirational mate.

ps. there is something more on its way to her, shhh!


Vanessa said...

The elephant ouch rather reminds me of something you can purchase for your man from Anne Summers, but yours is far cuter!

Hope your not in too much pain.

Vanessa x

tash said...

Thanks for your comment, but sorry to hear you're in pain. I hope you start to feel better soon and that you get used to the painkillers enough so they don't make you so sleepy. Love your little elephant, what a cutie!

tea and cake said...

OMG Vanessa, it does, doesn't it?!!

Hello tash, and welcome to my blog! The elephant is quite different to how it looked in the book, and I used double thickness of padding, which scrunches him up somewhat, but yes, he is cute!

Selina said...

What a gorgeous pouch! Love it!

tea and cake said...

thank you, selina and welcome!

Dusty Spider said...

I do hope you get that pain sorted out. I love my elephant pouch. It's just what I needed to carry my earrings when I'm away on a trip. Like visiting my bezzy mate who is so talented. Flick xxxx

tea and cake said...

ooh, you're too kind! Glad you like it, especially after waiting so long to meet him!