Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Yes! In October!

Yes, dear reader - SNOW and in OCTOBER! Though, I am told by those who were born here, that it isn't unusual.

I was meant to go up the road to work yesterday afternoon, but the snow was blowing in by blizzard and it looked so lovely. So did the fire. And, a girl has knitting to do.

So, I sat by the fire and knitted. Bliss.

As you'll see from the piccie, you can't see into the distance, as the snow blowing in by blizzard is in the way!


Vanessa said...

How lucky are you to have snow, I hope you have a big roaring fire and a good book!

Hope your feeling much better, you sound much better!

Vanessa x

. said...

It looks so nice. I wish I could say we have snow too...

tea and cake said...

thank you vanessa, I am feeling a lot better x It's the knitting that keeps me by the fire, and (.) it is very lovely, but very cold. Today, the snow's gone but the wind is a-howling, and we had some rain earlier. Now, the question is what do I wear out when jeans are sooo cold?!