Monday, 1 September 2008

Some catching up

I had my birthday in July, and what a smashing day I had. I felt spoilt and cosseted all day. And, what presents?! A beautiful bunch of flowers arrived from my bezzy mate, all dressed up in a lovely box - and the man who delivered them had his birthday on the same day, how spooky is that?! My friend, Sue, seems to know me oh so well, and bought me two of the most perfect books, one on making cards and another with 1,000 motifs to copy. Sue knows I like to make cards, but simply hate the current fashion for buying stuff especially to make cards with. Let me explain. What I actually mean is, there is a mega-buck business in selling papers and special thingies to place onto pieces of card, just using a bit of imagination, apparently. However, there are loads of different things you can do on a card, with stuff you already have, if possible, that is so much more personal. Fer'instance, a pal recently gave someone a card, made out of a little bit of yarn being weaved (the recipient recently won a prize for her weaving) which was a brill idea, and absolutely personal for that person. Back to the current list of my gorgeous pressies, and Sue also gave me a sheet with an Amazon order on it for a book I had been waiting for - this woman knows me so well!

I also got the pair of pinking shears from Mr T, that I so wanted, and they have been really useful for something, about which I will tell you in the future (NBG thought pinking shears would be pink - I remember thinking that at her age.) Another bouquet arrived from my step-mum; I had perfume and choccies from my daughter; my son actually remembered to send me a card; and Lisa sent me a lovely e-card!

And, yes dear reader, there was more.

One of my favourite-est presents was made by NBG, who didn't have any money to buy anything for nanny, so made me some shortbread!

How cool is that?


Dusty Spider said...

Are you spoilt or what!! Glad you had a lovely day. That shortbread looks gorgeous, a very special gift. Flick xx

tea and cake said...

I know!! I had a very lovely day and all my gifts were very special, thank you. xx

Papoosue said...

Awesome shortbread! What a lovely birthday you had, all your pressies look just the job. x

tea and cake said...

They were, Sue, and the shortbread was delicious! (which is a bonus sometimes when children cook, isn't it?!) x