Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Knitting school!

I know, this is pretty addicted of me to be posting twice in one day, isn't it?

But, I have Breaking News! Of the, 'I'm telling you the instant I know' kind of News!

I have taught social workers how to social work, parents how to be good parents, others how to stop doing what they are doing to enhance their lives and, last year, English to Chinese people - and now - ta da! I am going to be teaching people to knit! Just how cool is that?!

Lisa, at Primrose Hill has asked me to take a workshop, showing people how to knit, on Thursday 16 October, at her studio. And yes, dear reader, there will be cake!

Do go and have a look at Lisa's site and blog, she makes the most beautful hand-crafted items (nope, she's not paying me to say this, truly!) and, if you are in the vicinity during that week, Lisa will be listing mine and other courses that are happening.

You'll need to contact Lisa by email to book a place as, if you mail me I can only pass it on. If all of us were to take bookings there would be even more confusion in the T house than usual!

Excuse me, I am a bit Excited.


Dusty Spider said...

Sorry, comment about the knitting school should have been here! It'll be the making of you. Have lots of fun!! Flick xx

tea and cake said...

Thank you! I'm really looking forward to it. K xx