Sunday, 7 September 2008

The Gathering

You might wonder why my last few posts have seemed to have 'dotted about' a bit date-wise (or not!) Well, the reason is that I had so much to catch up on, that I didn't want to put all into one, long post, so I wrote some and post-scheduled them to appear. I just luv technology sometimes!

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago Mr T and I entered some of the categories in the home industries part of the local Gathering (Scottish Games.) Oh what fun! While Mr T was scrabbling round his veggie gardens for the produce of '3 potatoes,' '4 pea pods' and 'selection of 4 vegetables' for his entries, my kitchen looked as though a large explosion had taken place and left a right old mess in its wake! My entries were 'A border tart,' ' 3 wholemeal scones,' 'a gingerbread loaf,' 'jar of raspberry jam,' '3 peppermint slices,' 'a pair of knitted slippers' and 'a shopping bag for life.'

We both got in such a temper that it was lucky the weather and scenery were so beautiful in the morning of the show, it cheered us up and we laughed at all our worrying about 'Just a local show, for goodness sake!' We still revel in our luck that we live in such a stunningly gorgeous place, and can take the time to enter into the local community things.

Anyway, you will want to see some pictures and I shall try to oblige, especially as we did have some success!


Dusty Spider said...

It all sounds scrummy. Can't wait to hear how you both did. Where are those pictures then? Flick xx

tea and cake said...

Oh, I just remembered, I haven't blue-toothed them yet! K xx