Thursday, 4 September 2008

Ladies wot lunch, if you please

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of having a lovely lunch with three lovely friends here. We four entered our ties in a SWRI (Scottish Women's Rural Institutes) competition a few months ago and, as I have found with these things, became friends during the process. Two of our group have businesses to run, so finding the time to meet up has been a long-winded affair, but we made it at last!

What a smashing afternoon we had, as well as a particularly delicious lunch. If you click onto the link you'll see the great hall, with sofa groupings and a large fire, well the group with the blue cushions, in the centre of that piccie is where we sat. We met just after 12.30 and had a drink while perusing a menu of local fare, then were taken through to the dining room, where we ate soup, melon, salmon, chicken, chocolate fudge cake and grape and ginger syllabub (between us!) while overlooking fantastic views, and then came back to the great hall for our coffee.

We spent the time gossiping, catching up on all our good, and less good, news, did some business,and generally enjoyed each others company. All of a sudden we realised it was nearly half past four and we didn't know where the time had gone!

All of us vowed to do this again, very soon, and I do hope we will. We're all going to be very busy over the next few months, and two of us are busy with the summer holiday trade, and another is off to travel backwards and forwards over the pond! But come the New Year, when we'll all need cheering up, I'm sure, we'll lunch together again. Maybe at the same place. I hope.


Vanessa said...

It's always good to catch up with friends, and you know you have had a truly good time when it flies by too quickly.

Good luck with the course at Lisa's, your so lucky to live close by.

Vanessa x

tea and cake said...

Thanks, Vanessa, and hello! It was great and I am a tad excited about the course - spending the whole day doing something I love doing - bliss!
As anyone who has done any training or workshops knows, there is a lot of prep to do first, but it will be worth it. K x

Dusty Spider said...

The workshop sounds great. And you'll be a fantastic teacher. Pity I can't be there. Flick xx

tea and cake said...

Erm, flickers, I think you already know as much as I do! K xx