Sunday, 10 August 2008

Well, Blimey, it's been so long!

It has been a long time since my last post, and there have been a mixture of reasons.

One is work - at this time of year I do get incredibly busy as being a housekeeper for two private holiday homes keeps me on my toes. Especially this week, when both houses clashed! I was at my main job, providing a three-meals-a-day, laundry, cleaning, flowers, shining sliver and generally running myself ragged, and there was a quick 'changeover' at my other house, eek! Luckily, Mr P is handy with the hoover, and a wizz at aga cleaning. Only problem, apart from being on the go for what seemed like blimmin' hours, was that this was the week that the family leaving the house left it in a right state, as well as re-arranging all the crockery, glassware and furniture, they had re-arranged the cutlery drawers as well! I can't tell you the time it takes to put stuff back to where it should be, grr! Also, all the t-towels had been washed and pressed (?) but the cooker-top, oven and microwave were filthy.

Rant over. Sorry.

However, I also had the news that my uncle John was very ill, in fact dying. So, I rushed down to London, thankfully in time to see him and say my goodbyes. I was with him and my cousins when he died and I think he was ready to go. You may remember that his wife, my auntie Moreen, died in May this year? Well, it might seem spooky but at about 3.30 am during that long night we sat up with John, I could deffo feel Moreen in the room. I told my cousin, Ali, and she could feel her mum, too. The words 'full circle' came into my mind for some reason, and it just felt right that Moreen was there, and John was looking over Ali's shoulder - we think at Moreen. Though it was a sad 'passing,' as I said, I think he was ready to go and we all felt at peace that he was with the love of his life. They would have been married 50 years next February. I can't attend the funeral, due to work, which does feel as though I am letting my cousins down, but at least I was there at the end.

My cousins will be making the long trek from London, up to Scotland to visit us shortly. They've said it will be before the end of August at any rate. I can't wait to show them around here, the area and where we live. Their mum and dad visited us just after we first moved here four years ago, and loved it so much.

Out of this has been my contact with my mum and my sister. This is a bit strange and strained to say the least. Mum has recently moved house, to be nearer my sister and this will suit them both well. They are very alike, and they, and I simply do not understand each other, we are such different people. Though, thinking about it, we do like similar things ie cooking, crafting, charity shops but we have very different ideas, politics (with a small p) being one of them. I cannot abide and won't take part in any form of discrimination - I just cannot take it, and find it physically painful to hear some of my mum and sister's views. Anyway, I could go on and write a long, long list of stuff. But, it's late (for me, today!) and I must away to my bed.

I will write again soon, and do pictures and everything! Take care, love, Karen x


Primrose Hill said...

Hello missy,
good to see you back, you sound like you're run off your feet! Just watch that back now! Have been glued to the computer most of today updating the website, so I'm feeling a bit google eyed!
Must get together for a catch up soon and lunch with the girls.
take care,
L x

Gorilla Bananas said...

You seem like a good sort. May you live as long as you want to, and want to as long as you live.

tea and cake said...

Thanks, Lisa, the worst is now over and ding, dong the witch has gone!
see you soon, Karen x

Vanessa said...

Ey up,

Glad to see you are back in the Land of Blog, I thought our meeting with a fellow blogger had put you off! Only joking I knew you were busy.

Sorry to hear about your uncle, but as you said he is a peace now.

You made me worry about what state we left Dalnagairn in as we left, I hope we did not mix all the crockery up and things!

Spk soon

Vanessa x