Wednesday, 28 May 2008


We are off down South today, for Moreen's funeral tomorrow.

She has stated 'No flowers, but donations to Cancer Research, please' as her wish. However, we are all agreed that we will send flowers as well as making our donations to Cancer Research.

But, it is not just my own mum and sibs who are in disarray, it seems (oh, long, long and boring stuff) but, apparently one of the daughters-in-law and her mother have taken it upon themselves to 'do the catering' for the wake.

'Well, that's nice,' you might say. Except that they will, apparently, request an amount of around £150 for the purchase of the food!! How very dare they?! I remarked to my cousin that these people were 'fuckers' weren't they? She told me 'I was just thinking that when you said it!'

So, if anyone who knows me sees me touching my head at any point during this funeral and wake, you are now in on the secret signal between cousin and me, as to what we think of 'em.


Dusty Spider said...

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Safe journey. Flick xx

Mima said...

So sorry to hear about Moreen, my thoughts are with you. There always seem to be family politics of some sort or another, and when something happens they get blown up to bigger proportions.

tea and cake said...

Thanks Flick, as ever. XX

And, thanks Mima - you are soooo right!! XX