Friday, 16 May 2008

Limbo Dancing

It has been a fairly quiet week. Moreen is settled in the hospice and so her last few days are being spent peacefully and her family are calm and, well, in limbo really until It happens.

The family are all ringing each other, keeping each updated. And, someone I forgot to mention in all of this is another of my cousins' new teeny, tiny baby daughter. She was born last Sunday, weighing in at a very lightweight 4 lbs 15 oz! Her mum had been 'started off' due to blood pressure problems and, though there was a concern that baby Hannah (yep, her name is longer than her at the moment!) might have a twisted intestine, it appears that she just had 'sticky poo.'

This will be the stuff of jokes at her wedding, her grandparents proudly boast.

We just had our beautiful granddaughters to stay overnight due to mum and dad's work patterns yesterday. They didn't play grandad up at all, while nanny was out at the 'Rural' and while one has been taken off to school, the other is chattering away upstairs in her cot, pretending she doesn't want her morning sleep.

Aah, she's now gone off, so nanny can go and get showered and dressed. And the day starts.

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