Tuesday, 8 February 2011


yes, a couple of *whispers* One is that I have, for some strange reason unbeknownst to me, woken up with a sore throat, *bah*

Also, Snapdragon is re-introducing her Newsletter, *hurrah*  I did so enjoy reading about new products, what to do in the garden, etc as well as looking at the beautful flower arrangements Jane does. 'Flower arrangement' sounds a bit wet, but Jane's are not, they are so thoughtfully done, with natural flowers home-grown by her, in her Snapdragon's garden. And, as for the blog = a delicious array of beautiful and quirky items, some of which I own.  The mugs are just lovely, and the linen tea towels actually work, as well as looking good.  I keep them for our caravan and, and ..... erm, I suppose I'd better just confirm here that I am not being paid, in goods or otherwise, to advertise Snapdragon here.  At all.  I am just a fan, albeit a quiet one, today.

I had a look at my 'saved' pictures and couldn't find anything I wanted to put here, and that would cheer us all up.  Ah well.  We are off to the city this morning, as I need to get my car tyres checked and possibly changed, as they are close to not being legal.  Before that, I shall load up my slow cooker with veg and stock, so that it will all be cooked and ready to be whizzed up for soup, on our return.  Wish us luck in this snow - it fell yesterday, melted a bit, then froze overnight, *bah* again.

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