Thursday, 3 February 2011

Quick, before another month goes by!

some drawing of the above 'Tracks in the Snow' picture, for my course project

It must just be the 'old age and poverty' my ma in law speaks of, but I don't know how time goes by so, so quickly.  I'm finding, lately, that all of a sudden it is the end of another day, then a week and it's Friday, once again.  I'm kind of keeping up with things ie most forms are completed, on time-ish, laundry is up to date, knitting and some sewing is getting done, as well as making some more of the lovely Whiskey Marmalade, that we do love so much.  I've even been keeping up with some friends, making a point of seeing at least one each Tuesday - which I have deemed 'my day off' otherwise, I don't think I would get one.  And, I do hate not keeping in touch.  Today, I had lunch with some friends and some, well bitches, but we won't talk about them.

The friends I saw remain interested in what I'm doing, how my course, and work, and family are doing, and allow me to be interested in their 'stuff.'  I have been very busy with my student work, and I do love it, and find it so rewarding. Especially, as I have been very lucky to have ones of such a high calibre.  The fostering panel is rewarding in a different way, and though it would be a breach of confidentiality to even discuss any of it here, suffice it to say that the team is always professional and supportive of each other.  Not in a 'soppy' way, but with honesty and trust, and with a respect for service users, as well as each other.


The room change around has been a great success, and I can find things now, whenever I want to, despite still having fabric stored in the cupboard and bed drawers in the old spare room, as well as in a blanket box and suitcase which both sit on the landing.  I am currently knitting a jumper for nanny's lolly-dolly-pop, and sewing her a cord skirt, with an embroidered butterfly on it, for Easter - or before if I can't resist giving them to her beforehand!

We are all keeping well, in the main, though I am finding that I am very tired, with bags under my eyes all the times, lately.  I have re-started the Floradix with added iron, and plan on a few early nights, and see if that makes a difference.  As an aside - have you been watching the latest series of 'Shameless'?  Isn't it still brilliant?!


I couldn't believe it this morning, when I woke up to find it had snowed during the night!  I had a very treacherous car drive into the city this morning - I got to a point where I wanted to turn back, but daren't as I would have to go back the way I came on a very curly, snowy and slippery road, eek!  However, it got a little better as I reached the city, and then got worse as I returned home this afternoon, with the news announcing 'extreme' weather conditions.  It has been blowing a gale so much so that I turned the volume up on the telly, at one point so I could hear it!  I hope it has settled by the morning so that I can go and look after nanny's lolly-dolly-pop for my Friday 'job.'


Roobeedoo said...

Hello there! I followed your link to A Summer Affair - and oh wow oh wow! This could be the one! Thank you so much!

Buy Design said...

Totally with you on the passage of time. Just blogged for the first time in ages... yikes 6 weeks. Not sure how that happened. Have been way to busy with mundane stuff. Where are you doing your city and guilds? A friend of mine is doing textile arts at Duncan of Jordanstone.

Jean said...

Yes, time flies when you are having fun, and when you're not. Glad to see you.