Saturday, 12 February 2011

What a Great Idea!

Now, this is just the kick up the bum that I jolly well need.  Somehow, while trawling through the web log land, I came accross this darned good blog called Liesl Made where she has set a challenge, which I am joining, for sure. 

What's involved is that you make an item from a craft book that you currently own (erm, I have a couple, or so.... ) one in every month.  Now, I don't know how long the challenge lasts, but I reckon I should be finished by the time my work's pension is due to be paid to me, in about 2014.

I have many, many books on knitting (all kinds), sewing, felting, patchwork all too many to mention here, as I have not yet had my breakfast and am feeling weak. (But, 'Saturday Kitchen' is on and I don't want to peel my backside off the chair just yet.)  Suffice it too say that I will take up this spiffing idea and put it into practice, um, well within the next couple of days.

And, you can post piccies of what is made up HERE on flickr

How cool is that? *stretch*


Moogsmum said...

What a great idea! I have one or two craft books too and never seem to get round to making anything out of them.
I may have to look through them this week and plan a few makes for this year.


tea and cake said...

What sort of thing do you think you'll make?

campbellgirl said...

Now that IS a great idea! Could work with cookery books too - I have plenty of both ;-}

Thanks for the link Kaz!

tea and cake said...

You're right, campbellgirl! Recipe books I have, aplenty, too. I shall have a go x