Sunday, 13 February 2011

Another two 'starts'

A new year, a new beginning?  Yep.  Two today, and I'm excited about both of them!

Moogsmum mentioned on her blog about another 'sock club'.  Well, anyone who knows me, even slightly, will know that I do not need to enter into anymore sock clubs, as I could start one of my own, with all the lovlies in my stash.  So, Moogsmum's sock club is just what I need.  What you do is match up your existing sock yarn, with your patterns.  Put them each into individual, clear bags - yarn and pattern.  Then, you have ready-made access to what you need.  Bingo!  And then, the idea is that you knit up those patterns on a one-per-month basis.  Sounds brill to me!

Here, you can see I am winding on the second skein of my 'Cookie A' sock club yarn, from Last Year's sock club.  Yes, I knitted half the first sock in January 2010, when the yarn and pattern arrived.  Then, I've finished the first one, and the leg of the second one all out of the first skein.  Since taking this piccie this morning, I am now knitting up the heel flap.  I will have plenty of yarn left over to add to some other scraps of sock yarn (as Moogsmum also says) in her post - which I will also copy.  Ooh dear, I promise I'm not a stalker!  Just love reading and enjoying others' blogs.

Speaking of others' blogs.  There is a lot around about people's '365 Projects'  where you take photo a day, for a year, which I fancy joining in for, as well.  However, I am already a failed 365'ver as i didn't take a photo on Friday.  But, here's a picture of my lunch on Thursday, jacket potato with tuna and sweetcorn and a coffee;

Sorry, but it's been a knacker-ing week!  On Thursday, I also arrived for an appointment two hours early, so had to miss it.  But, I shall carry on this week. 

I have heard today, that little nanny's lolly-dolly-pop has a v high temperature, so I will be looking after her tomorrow, for the day - wheeeeee!  But, first a visit to the doctor to find out just where this the infection is that is causing the high temp. (It's quite funny as well, as mummy has a hangover from her, in-advance, birthday celebrations for tomorrow.)


Moogsmum said...

Have fun with your sock club! I'm loving it and can't wait to get through each pair to get onto the next pattern.

tea and cake said...

I know!