Saturday, 11 December 2010

My Happy List

I've just seen this idea over on Curly Pops' blog, and liked the idea.  Especially, on a day like today.  The snow is melting, leaving everywhere appearing a bit grey and dismal.  And, after a week of some people being both rude and spiteful, the shocking death of our lolly-dolly-pop's previous child-minder ....


the red bucket in our landing window is collecting water
from the melting gutter ice, that is coming through the window frame - eek

1.  We are here, no more heart attacks in this house, thank you

me and ash off to see some animals . . . .

. . . . . including her all time fave, the 'polo' bear
which we saw at the HIGHLAND WILDLIFE PARK

2.  We have healthy children and grand-children

. . . . who, despite the 'face' love to help nanny at her work

3.  By the gift of our childdren we have lots of contact with them, and our grand-children - and, lately via that wonderful invention Skype

4.  We are happy together, and love travelling

the ship we boarded in Venice, to go around the Mediterranean this year

 5.  We're lucky enough to be working, so that we have a comfortable way of life, and can afford those 'extras' which includes travel

6.  It's Christmas in two weeks from today, and we'll have our family with us.

I could stop there, but I am so grateful to have all of this, that I don't have to be spiteful or rude to people - and I haven't lost anyone of mine.  Thanks be.

A Happy and Peaceful Christmas to you


Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

A lovely List. The travel I'd like to add to mine one day.

Kate said...

That is a gorgeous and happy list indeed.
Some of my happiest childhood memories involve shelling peas with my grandma, thanks for the reminder. Thanks also so much for joining in and sharing the happy stuff. Have a happy and fun weekend.
ps. your linky isn't working on my blog.