Tuesday, 21 December 2010

marmalade attack

Mr T has nagged me for ages to clear some of the [bloody!] oranges out of the freezer. 

As I ran out of Seville oranges last year, I bought a whole box of them in January this year - 19 kg of the lovelies.  But, obviously, I didn't get to use them all.  All right, I did a couple of batches throughout the year.

It's Christmas this week (in case you hadn't guessed, that is) and we have our family arriving for said holiday this Thursday. I therefore decided to bugger all the other stuff I still have to do, and make some marmalade. 

Talk about a marmalade attack!

But, look at the result! and, yes, that is a bottle of 12 year old, single malt, Highland Park in the background, that just happened to be in the cupboard. Well, Mr T did say to just open whatever was there!

I was going to get on and give the mess a scrub, but as Mr T was bored, he scooted me off to visit a friend.

Sometimes the snow has it advantages, especially when Mr T can't get out to do anything in the garden!


Some Chilean Woman said...

Good job cleaning that up! It looks like the end result was worth it, right????

Have a Merry Christmas!

Buy Design said...

Oh dear... That's what my cooker looks every time I cook. Domesticity is Not my middle name.
Merry Christmas to you.

tea and cake said...

Yes, the marmalade is really tasty, and the Highland Park gives it a subtle smokiness.

And, a Happy and Peaceful Christmas and New Year to you both xx