Monday, 20 December 2010


Awe!  We met nanny's lolly-dolly-pop and her mum on they way to nursery, this morning.  Where we were informed

           'Nanny, we're having a school play!'

Off we skidded across the slushy snow of the school playground, where grandad and I were led into the depths of the overheated school to the hall.  We sat down as close to the front as we could.  I say sat down, but ye gods those wee chairs are only suited to the children's sized bums!  Rather, we perched and saved a seat for mum to join us after getting our 'star' settled in her costume.

Once we were all in with coats off and babies grizzling, or noisily eating grapes, we waited with bated breath, with cameras and videos poised - it started.  Humph the Camel was performed, except the bits that were forgotten; especially by the main star who cried and wanted her mammy.

I, alongside most of the other audience attendees, took many photos and some video, but, luckily this one is blurred and, as such the children cannot be recognised - so I can share it here!  However, if you do think you can identify any of the children, please do let me know and I shall delete it.

We did shed a tear or two, as they were all soooo sweet!  Their teachers did so well to have gotten all the children so well organised, together with songs, costumes and words.  Bravo! to them.

Afterwards, we were all invited to have a cuppa and mince pie, and our star was adamant she would only drink her red juice from a cup, with a saucer.  Hmm.  Meanwhile, we chatted about the school play, and I asked her about the special baby. 

To which she replied

     'Oh, yes, the baby Cheesus!'

I think Christmas has now officially started. xx


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