Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Commission # 2 ta, da!

Another exciting project has, at last, been finished!

This dress began life as part of a huge pair of curtains, with pelmet, rescued from the charity shop where my brother works.  The manager, a lovely woman who, like me is rather addicted to vintage/retro clothing, wanted a dress made from the curtains and, would I be able to use a vintage pattern to do it? 
'Yes,' I said 'no problem!'

Except, I was busy and would become more so over the following months, oh dear.
However, as I wound down some of my work comittments, I found the time to just get on with it.
I first washed the fabric as I didn't know how old or how long it had been hung as curtaining.  Then, cut out the, very flimsy, dated 1959 vintage pattern pieces.

Some of the terms were new to me, such as binding the sleeve edges, adding tape to the sleeve seams and how to add the skirt to the bodice, while adding tape for strength.  However, I have some very old sewing books, which were so useful, and made it very enjoyable to be learning new stuff.  Though I machined the bottom of the skirt I didn't actually hem it, as I don't know the height of the woman who will be modelling it at a future vintage show.

I wish I could have repeated this, but in perhaps a retro sheeting, but the person wanted the pattern back, as well as her dress.

My thanks to J who was my super model, and I've stuck to my word and not shown her face here!

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