Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Commission # 3 some bags, and some paintings

These are some of the bags I make for our knitting group.  These ones have a drawstring and, if they don't get sold at our flower festival, will go into Christmas boxes that are donated to the Blytheswood charity, and may go anywhere in the world, for people who need them.

As you can see there are other crafts that go on sale here as well.  Unfortunately, people seem to not want to pay 'real' money for them - eg these gorgeous granny square blankets only raise about £4 or £5 each.  Somebody had hand painted some ceramic tiles and was going to price them at 50p!  However, was persuaded to price them at £1, which is still far too cheap.

Ah well, the cash raised here and at another craft fair in August, will all go towards the boxes.

Also at the festival was an opportunity for local crafters to have sales tables, or just display their work.  I had recently taken a short oil painting course and decided to display some of my paintings.

 the city scape is Mr T's fave

the two on the left were my son's fave

It was scary to put myself  'out there' as it were!  But, some of my bags were sold - a lot before they reached the stall, which is gratifying.


Just Original said...


Thanks for the comment, we had a great weekend in York. It's been just a year since we were up in Scotland. We have just come back from a family gathering in France.

Loving your painting I really love the city scape, the colour is amazing.

Vanessa x

tea and cake said...

Thank you Vanessa, for your comments, too!
Can't believe it is just a year ago since you were up here. Hope the family gathering was a success. x