Thursday, 24 June 2010

Commissions #1 Boat Curtains

Last year I was given three, yes three commissions for my sewing.  I was happy and pleased about this, but was so busy with 'work' stuff that I simply didn't get to them.  Yep, I felt guilty, really guilty actually, and stressed.

But, voilà!  I have, at last, completed all three.  The first of which I will show you the pictures of here today, and will save the others for the next few days, as I take photos of them.

The first is the boat curtains for my bezzy friend's lovely little boat.  What she wanted was me to decorate the curtain linings so that it brightened up the boat when it was out of use during the winter - what a brilliant idea!

Don't they look splendid?  Poor old little bruv had suffered a bit of damage on this trip, but is soon mended and they are travelling around in it for a whole month, soon.

I am really pleased with how they came out, and may be taking orders from her friends, who are very jealous, apparently!

More soon - about the dress from curtains, made with a pattern from 1959, and the charity bags.



Some Chilean Woman said...

Now I want a boat!

Adorable little curtains, I wouldn't even thought of curtains for a boat!

tea and cake said...

We have often thought about actually living on a narrow boat - unfortunately,there are not many canals in Scotland, and you know how I feel about those kids of mine!

Buy Design said...

Thanks for joining me at Buy Design. I'm just back after a busy weekend away and just catching up. I will pop back for a proper read of your blog very soon.
A real surprise to find a follower from Scotland. Most of mine are in Australia.

tea and cake said...

Hi Buy Design, I am even closer as I'm in the Glen! I love your blog, and your shop, and am pleased to be a 'follower' - 00h, I hope this doesn't make me look like a stalker :o)!

Dana said...

great idea for curtains, love it!

tea and cake said...

Thanks, Dana and welcome! I just had a trip over to your blog and I love it!
The idea for the curtains was my bezzy mate's - I wish it had been mine and I'm really pleased with the result.

Buy Design said...

Woo Hoo.. my first stalker !!!
Sorry, does that make me sound crazy ?
Be sure to pop into the shop and say hello next time you are in Alyth.