Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Diet update -

...... - stayed the same last week.  Supposed to be writing EVERYTHING down, but not.  Trying to stick to it, anyways.  Bit more successful this week, so far.  Will weigh in again tomorrow.

Busy, busy, busy at the mo', with two country houses to get ready for Friday and Saturday, reports to write, books to update.  Luckily, I have been paid for one piece of work, yippee!  So, can pay my tax, Ni and credit card bills.  Ah, well.

Have my Bessy Mate coming to stay at the weekend woo, hoo!  Have NBG's birthday next week - a blimmin' 13 year old, if you please ... and lippy with it.  Ha, ha I always wished a 14 year old upon my daughter, when she was 14 years old .... mwaaa haaaaa!

Back soon. xx

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