Thursday, 29 April 2010


I had a bit of a fright this morning, when I looked into the mirror.  No, not a bad hair day, though it is, but I am off to the hairdressers this morning (and the dentist :() But, I found two lumps on my face!!!

Further investigation revealed that they are the defining lines of my new Cheeks!  Yes, Hurrah, my face is now losing weight, too.  Just how blimmin' cool is that?!

My actual weight stayed the same last week, boo hoo, but obv. the inches are coming off somewhere - and now my face!

I had an appointment at the hospital yesterday, and they have decided that to operate further would be 'treacherous' for my spine.  So, it will continue to worsen and they cannot do anything further.  So.  They are making a referral for me to attend the Pain Clinic, which I'm pleased about - and then I can hope to manage this myself.  Meanwhile, I am cutting down on my 'physical' employment, and continuing to increase, rather 'cherry-picking' the non-physical work that I can enjoy.

That isn't so bad, really.  And, my chiropractor is pleased that I have taken up walking, and recommends I return to horse-riding.

If I could give up work altogether, and retire (be at least 13 years older, to be able to afford it!) then I could walk, ride and take up golf - now, there's a good thought!

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