Saturday, 10 April 2010

Phew! - Diet Update

Yes, it is a big Phew!  I lost 1 lb this week, hurrah!  I still have not been writing stuff down, or planning properly, but have been more conscious of what I've been eating and making the low-fat choices.  I cut down drastically on the chocolate - only having a half of a small Easter egg instead of several large ones.  And, not told myself that it is Thursday night, The weekend, boring Monday, or nearly at Thursday again as an excuse to scoff any and everything I might fancy!  Seems to work, though.

Also, I've joined up with several other women on a weekly, Friday walk.  I went for the third time this week, and walked at least four miles, instead of the two the route map said!  However, I woke up this morning and my legs weren't hurting - so another Yay!  I'm obviously getting used to it.  Oh, and I bought myself a new bike, that I am in love with, and have been out on it!  More than I did with the last one.
Me, posing on my bike, up the road, and with a waist!

Through the diet and exercise I am feeling a lot more positive in myself, and finding a lot more energy, as well.
I am keeping very busy with current work commitments, and negotiating more of the same, but different.  As my back is hurting more or less full time, I am having to switch away from the housekeeping, and looking at 'cherry picking' social work consultancy work.  This way, I get to choose the parts of the job that I enjoy most, such as making assessments and managing decisions.  Much less stressful than being employed full time, and being part of the rush and tear, methinks.

Hmm, perhaps it's the Spring finally making an appearance that makes a difference.  Certainly, my bezzy mate coming to stay for a week from tomorrow is a big boost, Hurrah!


Some Chilean Woman said...

You're doing so well!

I think you shouldn't deprive yourself from goodies at all, have that egg! If you don't you might binge later, at least that has been my experience.

Keep it up and lovely bike!

tea and cake said...

Hey SCW, hello! Thank you, but at the risk of sounding pious, I actually didn't want anymore of the egg! Weird, I know, but it's almost as if I know that the choc will only last seconds, and is it worth it?? This is not like me at all, so normal service will be resumed shortly, I'm sure!