Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Yip, more snow!

Mount Blair, Glenshee

Can you believe it?  Yip, more blimmin' snow today, and a very dreary day it's been, too.  I've got the house ready for the rellies of the young man who was killed last week.  His distraught parents are as you would expect, and no-one is looking forward to the funeral on Saturday.

I am still battling away with the final reports and marking for my students, and it is far and away more work than I had expected.  Also, there is so much that has to be backed up with evidence - a lot of which I hadn't realised, so haven't got it.  This is what is keeping me awake at night, and I've decided to just write what I know, and provide all the evidence I have.  I just hope it doesn't scupper their results, as they have been such lovely people, who thankfully, will make very good, solid social workers.

Mr T can't get out to do anything, does not want to do anything indoors, apart from sleep, watch telly and mess about on his laptop, playing games etc.  This is a 54 year old, fit (apart from a gippy back at times) man.  It is ridiculous that he has nothing better to do!  grr!  I tried to get him to do some baking this afternoon, after all he is quite a good cook and his pastry is to die for, but no, he confirmed he is no baker, closed his eyes and stacked the Zzzzz's! 

So, I made a batch of scones myself, entered some lotto and euro-millions draws on t'internet, and now I shall get on with my work.


apprentice said...

I've got one of those too! Sorry to learn of your visitors loss, poor folk.

tea and cake said...

Hi apprentice! oo-er, I'm in trouble as Mr T read wot I'd wrote and had a sulk.
Yes, these folk are in pieces, but keep saying 'Life must go on' which is rubbish for a time, sometimes, isn't it?

Roobeedoo said...

Just catching up with your posts - love the hottie! And as for your dog...?! We had a similar incident several years ago when the cat and the dog worked together to pull a whole cooked salmon off the worktop onto the floor and devour it between them! More snow? I do hope it isn't headed this way!

nannypoeme said...

Hello Roobeedoo, lovely to see you here, come in, have a cupps, cake? Don't worry about the snow, it's here, but not so much of it.

Penny said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. It was a difficult realisation: but compared to your poor neighbours' and the loss of their son, I'd prefer to be making these hard decisions rather then planning a funeral. Hope the funeral goes well.

tea and cake said...

Thank you for your comment, Penny. The funeral was hard, especially on a dreary, snowy day.