Sunday, 10 January 2010

WW - still!

The view from the hill behind us, a couple of days ago, with a stunning sky view

Yep, it's still a Winter Wonderland up here in Scotland, as most other places, too.  But, I think, unlike others I am in love with the snow!  We went sledging today, me and the girlies, and has such fun for half and hour or so.  We dragged the little one up and down the hill - she's only 2 1/2 years old, so in no way old enough to sledge by herself, though she wanted to.  And, the other one, age 12 years, loved going up and down same hill - by herself, though!

Then, we had the hot chocolate I'd brought in flasks and warmed up our rosy red cheeks in the car.  As I was driving back home the sun was shining on the hills and I wondered where better to live.  It was beautiful, but I hadn't got the camera with me at that point, so didn't grab a piccie, grr.

In other news, you'll see by the logo on the right up there, that I've joined the Knit Love Club (KLC) (which I did in September, before I made any attempt at New Year's Resolutions.)  I also joined the Ravelry KLC group today, and realised how much I have missed out on with the group already - a miniture sock and Valentine swap so far, but now I'm joined I'll be all geared up for the next 'whatever.'  Joining the KLC means that I will receive some gorgeous sock yarn every couple of months - yippee!  Which is especially good for me as I am still aiming to clear my stash of yarn as well as fabric. 

I have been swimming, once, and had a couple of walks, but could not join Weight Watchers last week as we had friends coming for their dinner and, as we had to cancel them previously due to illness, I was not about to repeat such rudeness!  We had a lovely time, anyway, and I was nervous as the lady wife is a chef herself, but everything seemed to go to plan, and tasted delicious as well - so the good cooking fairy must have been looking after me.  I have not been doing so well with the getting to bed bit - up until nearly 2 am this morning.  But, that is to be addressed tonight when I shall be abed by 10.30 pm latest.  If you see me lurking after this, shoo me away!

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