Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Wow, L@@k!

Tee, hee that is sometimes the heading I use when flogging stuff on fleaBay.  But, today it is absolutely appropriate as, ta daaaa, my hottie, withe cover arrived from FiELDy which I won as a giveaway from her blog!                                                                                                                                

This will definitely be travelling with me in March, when we will be taking our caravan down South, to
visit our new grandson, who should be arriving around the 7th.

We are then going to Wales for the 14th, for my uncle's surprise 60th birthday party, so, it will be well travelled and will never, ever be offered up for sale on fleaBay!

The weather outside is still as frightful, with even more snow falling yesterday and then today.  It is falling upon ice, upon snow, upon ice etc and is treacherous.  I am too nervous to drive out in it, even with Mr T's four wheel drive (no, that isn't our tractor in the picture, the view just now from my kitchen window) so, I won't be going to three very important business meetings tomorrow.  I've had to cancel, yet again due to the weather. 

But, earlier in the week I had to cancel a meeting due to difficulties with my daughter's ex-husband.  They have been parted for over ten years, and she has since re-married.  But, the ex has an alcohol problem, which renders him abusive and violent.  My daughter has tried to keep things open for her the sake of her daughter (nanny's best girl) to keep in touch with her father, but this week took the biscuit.  There were abusive and threatening messages on facebook and by text that, in the end, had to involve the police and solicitor's strong-arm for an injunction - even though he lives in  England, with it's own, different  laws than here in Scotland.  This is all while her husband has been away with work, too.  Grr, I do hate what alcohol can do to a person, and his family.

Other sad news is that a neighbour's son was killed yesterday in a car smash.  He was only seventeen, and other neighbours say he was a good and careful driver.  It will all come out in the enquiries as there was another car involved, but it is dreadfully sad for the family and the little community in which we live.

On an unrelated note - I shall have to give up coffee, methinks.  As I had a fairly long report to write yesterday, I shored myself up all day with several cups of coffee and low-cal instant hot chocolate drinks, on top of the usual many cups of tea.  Hmm, so, at about 5.30 am this morning, after not having any sleep at all, I was hunting down the night-time corvonia cough mixture to drug myself into slumber!  Hence, when postie brought my lovely parcel from FiELDy, I was still attired in my dressing-gown.  Shades of 'Woman in a dressing-gown'  but without the marriage difficulties eh?  Though saying that, cabin fever is a tad rampant in Mr T at the moment - another reason for the blimmin' horrid weather to bugger off now, no fun anymore!

* I have been a very lucky girl of late, as I also won a bag kit from Sew Chic just before Christmas, woo, hoo, and in Red!  I did take piccies of the kit and will post them up, together with said made bag, at sometime in the very near future.


Some Chilean Woman said...

That hottie looks awesome! I could really do with one for bedtime, my bed is always cold when I first get in it.

tea and cake said...

SCW, I would have thought your hearty and hardy Scotsman would have got in it first for you!

Just Original said...

I was admiring the hottie on fieldy's blog yesterday and noticed you had won it! Very lucky and needy winner that's what I say!

Sad news about the boy in the car crash!

Vanessa x

tea and cake said...

brr, we need it at the moment too, with all this snow and icy weather!