Monday, 7 July 2008

A day out

Our craft group went out for a day trip recently, to the House of Dun, at Montrose, to see the linen weaver at his work. We had a splendid day with the morning taken up listening in fascination to the weaver, whose family have been weaving since the 17th century. He showed us two big looms, one of which can hold 11,000 threads and is used for weaving table-cloths. We spent a good two hours with him and also learned that he has several other looms close by, but the public are not allowed to visit there as they do couture work on these. Hmm, I wonder who uses an Angus weaver for their collections?

We had a fabulous lunch and then were due to look around the main house, with an organised tour. Three of us didn't want to do this as the sun was shining so brightly, and we each intended to return soon, so we walked around the gardens and then sat and chatted on a bench in the lovely, warm sun. It was a very pleasant day, spent with serious crafters, those whose living is made by their talent and those, of which I am one, who shilly-shally and dabble at the crafting and thoroughly enjoy doing so!

I also could not resist purchasing some 'apprentice-weaved' t-towels and a yard of linen fabric. I think I shall make a long-awaited, large and roomy shopping bag for me, and possibly a book cover, again for me. But, I shall have to see how much fabric I have left after my bag - and, I shall take a very good friend's advice and practice the bag on some cheaper fabric first!

Handsome fellows, aren't they?

* Editor's note: they don't sell yards anymore! I meant I bought a metre of the lovely fabric.

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