Monday, 7 July 2008

Gap Year

(picture courtesy of fotosearch)

Yay, here endeth my Gap Year, I hope. It feels like a lot longer to be honest but I'm so glad it is now over. When I say Gap Year, I don't really mean it, what I do mean is that the gap at the front of my teeth is now filled, yay! You cannot believe just how much I have hated, hated, hated the gap I had. And, it's been months in the development of a a filler for the gap. I promise I am not going to go into all the detail. Suffice it to say it is now over, phew.

And, it is timely in its completion as we have a Very Important Wedding to attend this weekend. We are orf darn saaaaf to Cambridgeshire for a lovely wedding that has also been a long time (at least a year) in the preparation, but at last we are nearly there! My bezzie friend's Daughter is about to become single no more and marrying the man of her dreams, for a fairy-tale life to continue, ahhh. We are really looking forwards to seeing her, meeting her chosen man and to meeting her baby daughter, all in one fell swoop! And, I shall be seeing my bezzie mate, with her uplifted and feathered person all rolled into one. Just what more can a person ask, eh?


Vanessa said...

Hi Karen,

Did not realise you had a blog, the funny thing is that I have read it a quite a lot. Really looking forward to you coming to cook for us!

Thanks for the encouragement about the show, as you said all you need are a few signs!

Vanessa x

PS Hope you have a good weekend at the wedding, and a good catch up with your friend.

tea and cake said...

Hello Vanessa and Welcome! I do love it when people de-lurk, don't you? I often wonder if it will put people off once they've seen a 'blogger' in the flesh, as t'wer!
I don't think we'll have any problems in that respect, especially as we both enjoy each other's blogs already. I'm looking forwards to meeting you all on the 16th. cheers, Karen x